You want to ensure you've done everything to protect your family from abusers, but there's just so much to know...

  • Do you know how to introduce this topic in a kid-friendly, non-icky way? 
  • Do you know what things your kids need to know and when?
  • Do you have a family safety plan?
  • Do you know about trusted adults, code words, and how to receive a report of sexual abuse?
  • Do you know all of the secret tactics skilled abusers use?
  • Do you know about the most serious threats to safety that exist online?

The fact is that nobody is immune to the risk of sexual abuse.

If we avoid talking about it with our kids, then we put them at an elevated risk.

It is every parents responsibility to end the confusion and fear around this topic that abusers rely on. Parents are the most important part of any sexual abuse prevention plan!

Taking steps to prevent sexual abuse can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

I have put together a comprehensive collection of parent-friendly articles, short personal videos, lectures, and a great resource list which make the process accessible to everyone.

Also included are few surprise expert guest speakers who will jump in and discuss some particular topics like consent and online risks.

BONUS: The first 100 parents to sign up will receive a FREE and personalized copy of I Said No! a kid-to-kid guide to keeping private parts private.

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Simply Safe Kids Advanced Course

Sexual Abuse Prevention Strategies for Parents of Young Children

Who should take this course?

A course for busy parents and caregivers of young children between the ages of 2-10, who are interested in learning about sexual abuse prevention strategies to help keep their kids safe.

How is this course presented? This course is presented in a calm, clear, and authentic way. Short professionally filmed videos, downloads, resources, and a private Facebook page for parents and caregivers. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN CLASS! Let's start this conversation and learn how to protect our children together.Sexual abuse can be prevented and it starts with you.

3 payments of $35/month

Simply Safe Kids Advanced Course

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The same content and access to bonus materials. Easy payments divided over a period of three months.

Books That Matter
Books That Matter

Best-selling, award winning books for children.

Tough Topics

I help parents learn to communicate with confidence on tough topics with their children.

Learn the Red Flags

Teaching kids and parents about sexual abuse prevention at school, home, and online.