A clear, comprehensive, and concise sexual abuse prevention course for busy parents.

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Sexual abuse prevention education for families may seem intimidating, but with some simple preparation, it doesn't have to be.

You will find a comprehensive collection of parent-friendly articles, short personal videos, lectures, and a great resource list. Also included are few surprise expert guest speakers who will jump in and discuss some particular topics like consent and the online risk. The goal of this course is to provide you with some easy-to-use strategies that will help you feel more comfortable and confident talking about this with your kids today!

Sexual abuse prevention is a serious topic. But, it doesn't have to be scary. Together, we can learn the steps essential to prevent sexual abuse.

This is a conversation that should start with you, the parent. Learning the facts, eliminating the risk, educating our families, and having ongoing, open dialogues are all essential for protecting our kids.

Abusers are hoping that we continue to feel awkward about this topic because a lack of education creates more opportunities for them. So here, we start talking about it and lose the fear.

All of these great resources come with private access to me via email and a private Facebook group where I can connect with you and answer questions.

The first 100 parents to sign up will receive a FREE and personalized copy of I Said No! a kid-to-kid guide to keeping private parts private.

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Simply Safe Kids Advanced Course

Sexual Abuse Prevention Strategies for Parents of Young Children

Who should take this course? A course for busy parents and caregivers of young children between the ages of 2-10, who are interested in learning about sexual abuse prevention strategies to help keep their kids safe.When is this course? This course starts now.If you are one of the first 100 people to sign up you will qualify to receive a free book! How is this course presented? This course is presented in a calm, clear, and authentic way. Short professionally filmed videos, downloads, resources, and a private Facebook page for parents and caregivers. As a special bonus... and my gift to you! You will receive a free signed copy of, I Said No! a kid to kid guide to keeping private parts private. Unfortunately, international shipping is additional! But, I am happy to arrange! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN CLASS! Let's start this conversation and learn how to protect our children together.Sexual abuse can be prevented and it starts with you.

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Simply Safe Kids Advanced Course

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Books That Matter
Books That Matter

Best-selling, award winning books for children.

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I help parents learn to communicate with confidence on tough topics with their children.

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Teaching kids and parents about sexual abuse prevention at school, home, and online.